Leading horses to water

You can’t blame anyone for your own failures.  It’s tempting to get angry, and take out your frustration on those who don’t see things your way.  But that’s no way to go through life.  If you fail, you move on.

Apparently our dysfunctional Congress, currently on summer vacation, will do nothing about anything until the end of September, when the federal government runs out of money, and the debt ceiling has to be raised.  So they’ll wind up passing one Monster, Kick the Can, bill.  Pathetic.

It’s the best they can do.  It’s a hell of a way to govern a country, but what can be done about it?

For seven years the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force has tried to convince state legislators that Article V is the answer.  With virtually no resources, the Task Force has won victories in fifteen state legislatures.  Seven more are needed to force a Call of an Article V Amendment Convention.  None of the remaining target states will be easy, and without some support it’s just not going to happen.

But I don’t see any of the 27 states on record with BBA Resolutions rescinding any time soon, with the possible exception of Colorado.  This is a base of support that’s not going away.  A BBA Resolution lasts indefinitely, until rescinded, and those 26 or 27 Resolutions will sit there, until someone with some serious money decides to finish the job.

The horses have been led to water, but you can’t force them to drink.

This has been a year of decision for me, personally.  My 95 year old mother is now under my responsibility, and will be close by in a nursing home.  I’ve finally arranged for my 76 year old sister to be united with her daughters in Tacoma.  The situation with my three sons is stabilizing.  My 101 year old mother in law lies close to death.  And Babbie and I hope to purchase property in Montana this year, close to my youngest son and his growing family.  I have a lot to be grateful for.

Nothing I or the Task Force have done has been in vain.  There is now more awareness of Article V in State Capitols across the country than ever before.  It’s the obvious answer to our problems with the federal government.

Its time will come.

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