“Dad, we think you’ve done enough.”

The fact that Hillary Clinton almost got elected in 2016 is a testament to the power of the deep state, and its auxiliaries in the media.  With any Republican other than Trump, it would have been a landslide.  The deep state did manage to get him nominated, and that was almost enough.  But he and his team were so much smarter than anyone realized that they pulled it off.

Embarrassed and humiliated, the deep state now plots Trump’s downfall.  A plan is in place, and is being executed.  His political survival is in doubt.

But his personal political fortunes are unimportant in the big picture.  What is important is the attack on the deep state that he is leading.  That attack must continue, and intensify.  He has a hand picked successor, ready and willing, at his side.  The Trump Insurgency will continue, and grow stronger, with President Pence.

Trump is wearing himself out as President, as most men do.  None worked harder than James K. Polk, who was smart enough to be satisfied with one term.  Even so he only lived five months after leaving office,  dying at the age of 51.  If Trump served a second term he’d be 78 years old when he left office.  It’s virtually guaranteed that his health will be gone by then.  Eight years in a pressure cooker will drain any man, of any age.

The attacks on his family are unfair, but they all seem to be good troopers, and are bearing up.  Not for themselves, but for him, at some point they have to sit down with him and ask him not to run again.

How much can one man do?  What’s more, under Pence, the work he’s begun can continue for eight more years.  Pence would win the 2020 election in an historic landslide, sweeping in Republicans at every level of government.  It would, in fact, be a referendum on the Presidency of Donald Trump.  What better way to exit the stage but in triumph?

We may not see Congress get much done under Trump, but that’s their fault, not his.  He can do enough with appointments, executive orders, and deregulation to get the economy growing strongly.  And he knows full well that the American people will not tolerate another war.  So Mike Pence will be running on a record of peace and prosperity, always a winner.

We were hoping for too much from a Trump Presidency.  Congress is the problem, and no President can solve that.  That’s up to the states, using Article V.  If an Article V Amendment  — any of them — is adopted in the next three years Congress will be on notice.  There is a power greater than yours, set forth in the Constitution, and now the states know how to use it.

There will be a lot to talk about at Phoenix.

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