On 11-7-17 Virginia speaks for the nation

Richard Fernandez asks what comes after the War on Statues?  He says the current wave of lunacy sweeping the country started in 2005 when Larry Summers lost his job as President of Harvard.  He was dumb enough to suggest that, genetically, there are more math geniuses who are men than women.  He thought the truth would be his defense, and paid the price when he was proven wrong.

Twelve years later the Mayor of New York City is thinking about tearing down a statue of Christopher Columbus.  In a way, Columbus was the first American, so it’s doubtful he’ll survive.  He’s an icon to Italian Americans, and to the millions of Catholic men who have belonged to the Knights of Columbus.  No matter.  He mistreated the Native people of America, and must be condemned.

All, or most, of this nonsense will end when mainstream Republican Ed Gillespie is elected Governor of Virginia on November 7th.  He wants Confederate statues to stand.  The Democrat wants them to come down.  Gillespie, because he’s a smart politician, almost won the Governorship four years ago by defending the mascot of the Washington Redskins.  This time he will win defending the statue of Robert E. Lee.

It’s a piece of cake.  Ten days before the election he runs an ad featuring a decorated black Army veteran standing next to Lee’s statue.  He explains why, as an American patriot, an Army man, and a black man, he believes the statue should stand.  Slam dunk.  I’d get a guy with political ambitions.  This ad would be a great introduction to the voters of Virginia.

With Governor Gillespie’s help, we’ll have a shot for the Article V BBA next year.  The Virginia Senate will be a challenge.  Loren Enns of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force is on the case, and he’s as effective an advocate as we have.  But he’ll need help.

The rebellion against the Deep State started, in my view, in October of 2013 with the introduction of Obamacare to the American people.  Trump had nothing to do with it.  He  just took advantage of the building rebellion in getting elected.  He’s got tremendous political instincts, as do most demagogues.

In supporting interim Senator Luther Strange against Judge Ray Moore for the Senate seat vacated by AG Sessions in Alabama, Trump is going against his own base.  He’s doing the Swamp’s bidding, and it’s a mistake.  A poll shows Moore with a 20 point lead.  He’s too well known in Alabama to be taken out by negative ads, but McConnell will attack him nonetheless.  Backing Strange was a mistake for Trump, and Senator Ray Moore, after he wins on September 26th, will explain it to him.  He’s more Trump than Trump is himself.

All this statue craziness was started by Trump’s remarks after Charlottesville.  He knew precisely what he was doing.  He understood, on a gut level, that he was right.  And he was well aware what the reaction would be, and he welcomed it.  Normal Americans look at all this in amazement.  And it’s all because President Donald Trump had the courage to tell the truth.

Virginia Governor Ed Gillespie is going to owe the President a big one.



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