Trump, the Mind Bender

“Virgil, quick, come see, there goes Robert E. Lee”

Hippie folk singer Joan Baez recorded “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” in 1971.  In her song, she spoke for Confederate Virgil Caine, mourning the loss of his proud and brave eighteen year old brother, laid in his grave by a Yankee.  This was still the Civil Rights era, and Baez was a progressive, but she still sang this sad song of the South.  If she tried it today she’d be physically attacked.  This is what Trump has done.  He has driven his opponents crazy.

There’s no difference between the Taliban destroying Bhuddist monuments and the morons pulling down Robert E. Lee.  Lunacy, in different forms.  People say Trump is crazy.   When you drive your opponents into this kind of frenzy, who’s calling who crazy?  Like a fox.

In next month’s budget battles, Trump has made clear his top priority:  The Wall.  It’s brilliant, and the latest example of his political gifts.  If he gets The Wall, he wins.  If he doesn’t get The Wall, his opponents lose.  Heads I win, tails you lose.  Not a bad bet.

We’ve been building walls since Jericho, 10,000 years ago.  A lot of people live behind walls today, especially the wealthy.  In fact, as you read this you’re probably behind some kind of wall.  Walls are a great way to defend your life and property.  Until the 15th century, and cannon, a walled castle was virtually impregnable.  Walls keep things in, but they’re mainly to keep things out.  They’re barriers, and borders.  They come naturally to men.

People understand all this, and they know why Trump wants The Wall, and they agree with him.  If the Democrats stop funding for The Wall, they will pay a price, politically.  But because the Congressional Republicans are so feckless themselves, they won’t benefit.

Because they’re such miserable failures, these Republicans deserve to lose control of the House, and I hope they do, and I hope Nancy Pelosi is the next Speaker.  Let the American people get a full two years of her, and 2020 will be a bigger Republican win than 2016, a true wave election, sweeping in Republicans up and down the ballot, including state legislators.  If the Article V BBA hasn’t got 34 states by then we’ll finally get there in 2021.  Just in time, maybe.  Better late than never.

The task ahead is to add to our total of 27 in 2018, and defend what we have from rescission.  The sooner we get to 34 the better, but hanging on what we’ve got means the cause lives on, to rise again, if necessary.  And if Pelosi is Speaker, we’ll have two years to wait.  The Democrats in Congress will kill any Article V Amendment, if they’re in power, by hook or by crook.

We’ve seen this movie before.  Last time, instead of waiting for two years, we had to wait for 30 years for the time to be right again.  After Alaska passed the BBA Resolution in 1983, becoming the 32nd state, 30 years went by before another state passed one.  After sixteen rescissions the BBA Task Force brought the movement back to life.

One thing I’m confident in between now and 2020.  Congress will further beclown itself, and the case for Article V will grow, and rise again, and succeed at last.


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