Explain yourself, Mr. President

President Obama was justly criticized for his failure to ever articulate for the American people what the hell were we doing in Afghanistan.  He never addressed the nation, and gave a carefully reasoned rationale.  He owed the American people that.

Now it’s Trump that owes us an explanation.  If he’s honest with us, we can support him.  But we have to know what we’re fighting for.  Why is this problem our responsibility?  And if we’re responsible in Afghanistan, where else in the world are we responsible, and must shed blood if necessary?  How long is this list?

Peace and prosperity wins elections, and prosperity is on the way.  But peace comes first, and if Trump fails here he’s a failed President.

The American people don’t want to go to war.  Anywhere, for anything, except our own national security, and the freedom of the seas.  Trump knows that.  He just needs to act on it.

One of the most interesting elections in 2018 will be for Governor of Alaska, where a three way race has taken shape.  Highly unpopular incumbent Bill Walker will run as an Independent, former Senator Mark Begich will be the Democratic candidate, and State Senator Mike Dunleavy the Republican.  If you enjoy politics, this will be one to watch.  In his last campaign, Begich made a serious mistake, which may have cost him his senate seat.  We’ll see if he’s learned anything.

Out of the gate, I’d lay my money on Dunleavy.  But the race has just started.  Fourteen months to go.  The way I read it, it’s Dunleavy’s to lose, and I don’t think he’s a loser.

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