I hate Trump more than you do!

In religions, as in every sphere of life, there is competition.  In some versions of Christianity, the devout and the fanatically devout inflict physical pain on themselves, often in imitation of the Passion of Christ.  It can merely be wearing a hair shirt under your robe, as a constant irritant and penance.  Or it can go all the way to self flagellation and crucifixion.  Whoever suffers the most wins the competition as the most holy.

Today’s leftists have their own weird religion, and the believers have a competition among themselves.  Who hates Trump the most?  At the top of the heap, and at the tip of the spear, are the fascist antifa.  They hate Trump so much they’ll punch you in the mouth if you say his name.  You talk about hatred!   They have won the moral leadership of the left because they hate Trump more than anyone else.

Since they are pure of heart, their tactics are above criticism.  “No enemies on the left” is a political tradition.  Has any prominent Democrat condemned them?  I haven’t read about it, and the silence is deafening.  And as St. Thomas More put it, silence is assent.

But this silence comes with a cost, and it will first be paid in Virginia on 11-7-17  —  a very lucky number for Governor-to-be Ed Gillespie.  I haven’t made a political prediction since I said Trump would never be elected President, so I’m overdue.  In Virginia, it’s Gillespie with a big win, bigger than any poll predicts.  And for the state legislature, the Republicans maintain a large majority in the House.

The election of 2018 is too far away to say anything about, but if this antifa business continues, it will do great harm to the Democratic party.

I’ve never cared for Obama, but he could do his party, and his country, a lot of good if he stood up for free speech, and condemned the antifa fascists.  But I don’t think he’s a big enough man to do it.

My friend Matthew Monforton has a piece in the Resurgent about the Montana Republican Senatorial primary of 2018.  The favorite is State Auditor Matt Rosendale, a good conservative, according to Matthew.  But he’s on record as favoring Mitch McConnell to continue as Majority Leader.  This will get him a lot of McConnell’s money, but it comes with a price.

Montana is Trump country, and McConnell is very unpopular there.  There’s another good conservative running, State Senator Al Olszewski.  He says he won’t vote to keep McConnell as Majority Leader.  If Olszewski can raise a little money, he can beat Rosendale, McConnell, and the Democrat, Tester, in the general.  All he needs is a little money.  Actually, come to think of it, I’ll bet he’s able to raise some money.  An interesting race.

Senator Olszewski was one of the few Republicans with the courage to vote for the BBA Article V Resolution when it came to the floor of the House in 2013.  He may not remember it, but I do.  With that vote, he told the crackpot John Birch Society to go jump in the lake.  I admire that, and will talk to the people I know in Montana about Al Olszewski.

Al for Senate.

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