The McConnell-Trump Senate primaries

The first one, in Alabama a few weeks from now, has Trump-man Judge Ray Moore against McConnell-man Sen. Luther Strange.  McConnell and his Chamber of Commerce allies will try to muddy this up.  Three years ago, in Mississippi, they, disgracefully, played the race card against the conservative challenger to Sen. Thad Chocran.  It was dirty business, and if they try it in Alabama it could blow up in their face.

Moore should win this race, and Trump will have learned a lesson:  don’t pay any attention to the political advice of Mitch McConnell.  He convinced Trump to back Strange, and it wasn’t smart.  McConnell and the Chamber are not on Trump’s side.  They are part of the opposition to Trump’s nationalist populism.  Trump should know that by now.

There will be, at a minimum, three more McConnell-Trump Senate fights.  McConnell will back Sen. Jeff Flake in Arizona, while Trump will back his strongest challenger, probably State Senator Kelli Ward.  In Nevada, it will be McConnell’s man Heller against Trumpster Tarkanian.  And in Montana it will be Trump man State Senator Al Olszewski against McConnell’s choice, State Auditor Matt Rosendale.

Things may change, as others enter the ring.  There is the potential for additional Trump vs. McConnell match ups in the OH, MI, PA, WI, IN and MO Republican Senate primaries.  My bet is that it’s better, politically, to be the Trump man than the McConnell man.  These are, after all, Republican primaries, where the more conservative candidate has the edge.  And while Trump polls around 40%, McConnell is almost uniformly despised by the American people, with 9% approval, and 61% disapproval.

The race I’m interested in is in Montana, and I’m supporting Olszewski, as I urge all readers of this blog to do as well.  Please go to his website and make a donation.  Bigger is better, of course, but even a $5 contribution is valuable.  Not so much because of the money, but just by virtue of the fact that you care enough about this race to be a donor.  The number of donors, as well as the amount raised, is counted in determining the extent of a candidate’s support.  And we want Dr. Al Olszewski to be the Republican nominee for the United States Senate from Montana.

If you take the time to read the brief bio at the web site, you’ll be impressed.  Dr. Al is an easy man to like, and most people who know him do.  He’s conservative, but reasonable.  He heard Rep. Matthew Monforton’s speech in favor of the Article V BBA Resolution when he was in the Montana House in 2015, and it all made sense to him.  So he ignored the political threats from the Birchers in his district, and did the right thing.   We need more people like that in the United States Senate.

I’m supporting Olszewski for Senate because of his stance on Article V and the Balanced Budget Amendment.  If you agree, please let him know about it.


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