The fools who make war to end it.

Sometimes the other guy wins.  When that happens, you adjust and move on.  Obama and the Democrats have won the Obamacare war.  Republicans don’t have the stomach to get rid of it, so it stays.

The Norks are a nuclear power.  Live with it.  They can’t conquer the South with their nukes, so all they’re good for is as a war preventative.  Kim Jong-un is not crazy.  He wants to live, and the moment he tries to attack the U. S. or its allies he’s a dead man.

According to geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan, the Norks are a very long way from having the ability to deliver a functioning nuclear warhead.  A lot can happen if we’re a little patient.  Kim Jong-un could be killed, by us or by members of his family.

But as Zeihan notes in his newsletter, Kim Jong-un, the individual, is not the problem.  If he died tomorrow the regime would remain intact.   Kim Jong-un is, in a sense, a figurehead.  He can be removed, and replaced, if necessary.  But the Kim dynasty will live on, and it will rule a nuclear nation, no matter which member of the Kim family is on top.

Rather than start a war over North Korean nukes, we need to accept the fact that Japan and South Korea will soon be nuclear powers.  They are responsible, and close, allies, and we can count on them as much as we count on the French and the British, with their nuclear weaponry.  The world just got a little more complicated.

The Norks might be nutty enough to sell a nuclear weapon to terrorists, so we should reserve the right to inspect any cargo which originates in North Korea.  This is a high national priority, it seems to me, and the United States Navy, along with its allies, could enforce this nuclear weapon blockade.  It’s better than war.

The war birds want a preemptive war against the Norks, in order to prevent nuclear proliferation.  They’re nuts, just as the German Army was nuts to want a preemptive war against Russia 100 years ago.  That caused World War One, one of the great catastrophes of human history.  In order to sell it, they called it The War to End War.  In fact, it was the war without end.

According to Gordon Chang, when the Chinese Communists were close to getting the bomb in the early 1960’s, President Kennedy and the Soviets had discussions about a joint Soviet-American operation to destroy the Chinese nuclear program.  Right after the ChiComs actually got the bomb in 1964, William F. Buckley advocated a preemptive war against China to remove their nuclear capability.  This was the single dumbest idea in American history.

In fact, nobody did anything, and China has been a nuclear power for 53 years.  No nuclear weapon has been used, anywhere, by anyone, since 1945.  A nuclear power is a secure power.  As an offensive weapon, a nuclear bomb is worthless against a fellow nuclear power.  When you’re in the nuclear club, your borders are secure.

We’re not going to war with North Korea, now or ever.  We, and they, are nuclear powers, and nuclear powers don’t go to war with one another.


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