Strike Force Phoenix

At the Phoenix Convention of States, Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern chaired the subcommittee which dealt with, among other things, a proposal for the establishment of a “committee of correspondence”.   The result of the subcommittee’s deliberations, approved unanimously by the Convention, is the Phoenix Correspondence Commission (PCC).  It will consist, initially, of a member from each of the 19 state delegations present in Phoenix.  The four states which had observers may also be able to participate.   Every state will be asked to appoint a member of the PCC.

If this Commission is as well organized and conscientious as the Convention which established it, it has enormous potential.  Representative Kern stepped up to lead the subcommittee which created this Commission, and he will hopefully continue to show leadership as the interim Chair.

Among its functions, the PCC is charged with tracking applications, or Resolutions, submitted by the states calling for a BBA Article V Convention.  In order to effectively track, it must be aware, and involved, in the efforts to pass the seven needed Resolutions.  The extent to which this occurs is up to the Commissioners.  And that remains to be seen.

In an ideal world, state legislators serving as Commissioners would constitute a “Phoenix Strike Force”, ready to communicate to legislators in the seven target states that the runaway convention argument is a hoax.  Commissioners from 26 states could assure their fellow legislators that there are, in fact, 26 and more states who will absolutely refuse to participate in any Convention that does not abide by the principles of One State, One Vote, One Amendment.  If they are believed, how is a runaway possible?

The only way to continue to believe in a runaway would be to call these people liars.

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