I’m for Article V, and I want your vote

“Why am I running for the state legislature?  Because the greatest threat to our liberty, and our country, is the Congress of the United States.  Year after year, under Republicans or Democrats, it spends a trillion dollars it doesn’t have.  If it isn’t forced to mend its ways we’ll be bankrupt.

Under the Constitution, there is only one control on Congress, and that is the state legislatures.  Under Article V, if they act together, they can force it to balance the budget.

So that’s why I’m running for the state legislature.  I want the states to intervene, as they have the right to do, and get the federal government under control.

If you want something done about Congress, vote for me.”

Somewhere in Montana there’s someone who may want to try that line out.  The filing deadline is March 12th.  Then the search begins.

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