The reality of Phoenix, and the myth of the runaway

The Phoenix Convention has breathed new life, and brought fresh blood, to the Balanced Budget Amendment movement.  Every day, as you read of the latest debacles in Congress, an Article V Convention seems more and more inevitable.  The sooner the better, of course, but however long we have to wait it will be worth it.

With Phoenix, and its Correspondence Commission, institutions have been created which are of enduring significance.  The 2018 Convention of States  —  probably in Nashville or Indianapolis  —   will build on the success of Phoenix.  My fondest wish is that these Conventions of States become an annual exercise.  Article V isn’t just about balancing the budget.  It’s really about taking power away from Washington, and returning it to the states, and the people.

For 230 years people have read the Constitution, and Article V.  The Phoenix Convention of States was, for the first time, a prelude to Article V in action.  It was exciting for a lot of us to be there.  It all felt real.

A number of delegates were a bit unclear about Article V when they first came.  But then they had that “Ahaa!” moment, when they “got it.”   For state legislators, it’s a feeling of empowerment.  They’re the ones ultimately in charge, and when they realize that, it energizes them.

They look at Congress, and shake their heads, and know they have a responsibility to do something about it.  And they will.


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