First Alabama, then Mississippi. Montana?

Senators from Mississippi have been an unimpressive lot.  Haley Barbour is the big foot Republican in the state, and he’s a big business, anti-populist establishment man.  His two Senators are Cochran and Wicker, and they are no more than running dogs for the Chamber of Commerce.

In 2014 Sen. Thad Cochran had no business running for reelection.  He looked and sounded like he belonged in a rest home.  He lost the first round of the Republican primary to a Tea Party man, State Sen. Chris McDaniel, 49.5% to 49%.  In the runoff Barbour and his deep pocket establishment money resorted to running ads on black radio stations calling McDaniel a racist.  So black Democratic votes in the Republican runoff primary returned Cochran to office.

It was disgraceful, and a lot of Mississippi Republicans are still angry about it.  They’re carrying a grudge, and when their other establishment Senator, Roger Wicker, runs for reelection next year they’ll be ready for him.  McDaniel, or some other real Mississippi conservative, will take Wicker on in the primary.  And if what’s happening in Alabama is any indication, Wicker could be in for a load of trouble.

AG and former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is not a particularly bright man.  He made a major mistake in not telling the President that he intended to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.  And now he’s making Trump look like a fool.  The man Jeff Sessions recommended to Trump, Sen. Luther Strange, is going to lose tomorrow, big time, and the President will have egg all over his face.

Sessions never told the President about the political problems Strange had back in Alabama.  A lot of Alabamans believe Strange made a corrupt bargain with the disgraced Governor who appointed him to Sessions’ seat.  That trumps Trump, and will cost him the election.

This election is a cause for great joy among real conservatives all over the country.  Mitch McConnell will have a bloody nose tomorrow night, and all those who think he’s nothing more than a shill for his contributors have cause to celebrate.

Every state, and every election, is different, and what happens in the deep south may not be reflective of the rest of the country.  But Alabama will give hope to every anti-establishment Republican in the country.  Even in Montana.

State Auditor Matt Rosendale is the establishment candidate in the Republican Senate primary in Montana next June.  He’s supporting Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader.  The anti-establishment candidate is State Senator Al Olszewski, who refuses to pledge allegiance to ruling Senate leadership.

If Al is as upset at the debacle going on in Washington D. C. as I am, he needs to start talking about it.  This is what I’d say.

“If you’re happy with the way the U. S. Senate is being run right now, I’m not your candidate.  One of my opponents, who has announced his loyalty to Senator McConnnell, is who you need to vote for.

“But if you think that what’s happening in the Senate is a disgrace to this country, and an embarrassment to the people of Montana, then I am your guy.  And I’m asking for your vote to go back to Washington and drain the swamp.”

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