Making America Great Again

Almost everything that President Reagan wanted to do, but couldn’t, President Trump is doing.  In the Gipper’s defense, his first priority was winning the Cold War, and he had to deal with Tip O’Neill, not Paul Ryan.  But what Trump is doing is nothing more, or less, than what conservatives like Reagan, Goldwater and Buckley (and me) have wanted to do for the last 50 years.

In one sense Trump is unequalled.  The greatest impediment to the conservative movement has always been the media, since the 1930’s.  Only Trump had the courage to confront them.  How that war turns out remains to be seen.  The media and the deep state may take him down.  But Trump has shown the way.  His example will be followed.  And large and growing swathes of America have tuned the media out.

As a constitutionalist, to me the most important duty of Trump in 2018 will be appointing Justice Kennedy’s replacement.  I expect another Gorsuch, and with this fifth conservative Justice the abominable Roe v. Wade will eventually be reversed.  And condemned as the most damnable piece of judicial legislation in our history.  We’re returning to the rule of law, not of men.  A dream about to be fulfilled.

I read today that the federal government shed some 17,000 employees in 2017.  It boggles the mind.  The government shrinking?

I never saw it coming.  I didn’t think Trump had it in him.  I was wrong.  I wish him every success.

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