Maybe it was a Flight 93 election

When we saw what the IRS did to squelch the Tea Party, we should have realized just how bad things had gotten.  It was the government muzzling the people, for God’s sake.

If it was that bad at the IRS, why did we think it was any better at the FBI?  This is the agency whose Deputy Director had taken out a President, an agency with a tradition of putting itself above the law.  They think they have some special status, outside the political system, so they naturally think they get get away with undermining a President.

The FBI and the Justice Department don’t need a special prosecutor investigating them.  They need new leadership, from people who are ready, willing and able to clean house, wholesale.  A prosecution will get a few convictions, perhaps.  It’s won’t hose down the stables, which is what is needed.

I’m starting to feel better about the November election.  A lot of people are seeing a tangible personal benefit from the tax cut.  They may not say they’re for Trump.  It’s best not to, in the company they keep.  And they don’t have to like him.  But they admit to themselves he’s doing a good job.

I suspect there’s going to be a hell of a lot of good economic news in the next nine months.  Economic momentum is building.  The animal spirits are loose.

That’s what matters.  The rest is smoke.  There is no there there.  It’s all just chaff, designed to distract.

The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

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