The rotting timbers of S. S. Democrat

The supporting structures of leftism are in various stages of disrepair, and the good ship Democrat is in trouble.  Virtually every American institution on the left is in decline.  The future looks bright ahead.

  1. The MSM is in losing its influence, and the American people are finding alternatives.  Their ability to control the narrative is weakening.
  2. The Democratic Party is the party of by and for the government.  Trump is in the process of shrinking it.  He has a long way to go, in a target rich environment.
  3. The federal judiciary, the source of so much recent mischief, is gradually being transformed.  Justice Kennedy, the swing moderate on the Supreme Court, may not retire until 2019, but he’s on his way out.  Justice Ginsberg is feeble, Breyer is old, and Sotomayor may have health issues.  Before Trump’s term is up, he will be able to nominate another Gorsuch, or even two, giving strong constitutional conservatives control over the judiciary for a generation.
  4. Unions are on their last legs, and their only strongholds, public employee’s unions, are being undermined in state legislatures and in the courts.  The traditional labor union is obsolete.
  5. Universities are becoming dinosaurs.  They use teaching techniques which were devised in 15th century Italy, and the internet revolution will make them irrelevant.
  6. Hollywood and the entertainment industry (including the NFL) is losing its influence as it beclowns itself.  Their hysterical extremism is a turn off.
  7. The FBI and the Justice Department are stacked with political activists, ever alert to the interests of the Democratic Party, who may at last be outed.
  8. Anti-abortion extremism is costing Democrats the support of people in the mushy middle on this issue.
  9. Tax and spend blue states are going to take a serious hit with the loss of tax deductions.  Frugal red states will enjoy the benefit, and the growth.
  10. American Jews who care about Israel will gravitate away from the Democrats.  (See Alan Dershowitz, disgusted with pictures of Obama and Farrakhan.)
  11. The immigration chain is being broken.  More Hispanics are identifying as white.  And Asian immigrants are taking a second look at the party of Nikki Haley.

Add all that to the new Monmouth poll showing the D’s with an insignificant two point lead in the generic ballot, along with the continued roll out of business expansion and job growth, and 2018 doesn’t look that bad.

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