Know when to walk away

Like Nixon went to China, Trump wants to give at least 1.8 million illegals a path to citizenship.  Nixon’s reputation as a fierce anti-communist protected his right flank, just as Trump’s reputation as an immigrant hawk is protecting him.  The Democrats in Congress have no protection on their left flank.  The Bernie Sanders left doesn’t trust them.

I think this means Trump can offer the Democrats a very reasonable compromise, one which they can’t accept.

So that’s what the November election must be about.  A common sense compromise, rejected by the activist left of the Democratic Party.  That’s what’s on the table.

Trump has all the cards, and he’s playing them for all they’re worth.  As a student of politics, I watch with increasing admiration.

One reason I didn’t support Trump is that I wasn’t sure what he really stood for.  Now I know.  He’s the first honest to God conservative in a hundred years with the opportuntiy of actually enacting the conservative agenda.

We haven’t had a President like him since Calvin Coolidge.

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