The Magician — Donald Trump

He’s a master of distraction.  We stare at all the bells and whistles of fake Russian news, and the Florida school shooting, and don’t notice our wallets being picked.

Through such sleight of hand Trump quietly adopts a fiscal policy which, if uncorrected, will bankrupt the country in his second term, at the latest.  And he has no plans, and no one in Congress has any plan, to correct it.  No wonder the market got spooked.

Well, actually Trump does have a plan, which he described to CPAC.  He wants more Republicans elected so that the Democrats can’t force him to spend $155 billion more on domestic programs than he wanted to.  That’s the entire plan.

I keep waiting for one of these nitwits in the press corps to ask how how he plans to deal with the totally predictable financial crisis we’re headed for.  Nothing.

I almost feel sorry for the Democrats.  They may win the House in November, but not if they can help it. With the addition of gun control to the top of their agenda, they could wind up blowing their last best shot at slowing Trump down.   Socialism, open borders and gun control, that’s the ticket!

Trump, meanwhile, is gassing the economy to a level we haven’t seen since the Roaring 20’s.

With his imminent replacement of Justice Kennedy with another Gorsuch, Trump will have the most conservative Supreme Court since the 1930’s.

With his rejection of the Bretton Woods framework, he has adopted an American First trade policy that we haven’t had since the 1940’s

He is adopting the most pro-business regulatory environment since the 1950’s.

At the end of the day, he will have adopted an America First immigration policy that we haven’t had since the 60’s.

Peace and prosperity are hard to beat.  I thought Bill Clinton was toast in 1996.  I thought Paula Jones had made him such a laughingstock that he could never get reelected.  But people held their noses and voted for him, just as they’ll do for Trump.

He’s magic.



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