Tariffs are good politics

We’re all consumers, and restricting our access to cheap foreign goods is bad for all of us.  Because of Trump’s tariff on aluminum, I’m going to have to pay an extra 3 cents for a six pack of beer.

But Americans are more than consumers, we’re producers, and fellow citizens and countrymen.  We have an interest in the well being of our fellows..  So I, for one, will gladly pay my extra 3 cents, knowing I’m supporting my American aluminum workers, and their vital industry.

Those who disagree, and who are upset about that 3 cents a six pack increase, are unlikely to change their vote because of it.  It’s relatively trivial, everybody pays it, and you get used to it.

On the other hand, everyone associated with the steel and aluminum industries has been waiting for this for 30 years.   They’re ecstatic.  The President of the United States is their biggest fan and salesman.  This will change votes, all to Trump’s advantage.  A week from Tuesday, in PA-18, we’ll see if it’s working.

It’s almost like a principle of politics. Disperse the pain, and concentrate the pleasure.

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