Want the line item veto? Put it in a balanced budget amendment.

A balanced budget amendment can alter the balance of power between the Congress and the President.  The President needs more than a veto.  He must be allowed to reduce or eliminate individual expenditures.  The executive must never be allowed to appropriate money, but he should be authorized not to spend all that Congress wants.  All this can be included in the amendment to be proposed at the BBA Article V Convention.

A budget can be limited by restrictions on spending, or by increasing revenue.  Or it can be limited by Presidential veto.  Or some combination of the three.  In one amendment, to balance the budget.

President Trump loves the exercise of power.  It’s almost like sex.  He wants as much as he can get.  This idea ought to appeal to him.  The problem is convincing him that it’s feasible.

Eventually, the case will be put before him.  He’ll need to act immediately after the fall elections.  That’s how long we’ve got to get to him.

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