The best day of my life

Aside from my wedding day and the births of my children and grandchildren, today, April 1st, 2018, has been the best ever.  In the early morning I saw the setting of a blue moon, followed by Easter Sunday on April Fools, the first time they have coincided since 1956.  My daughter-in-law (daughter, really) is visiting with my two granddaughters, and I got my 95 year old mother out of her nursing home to come to the house and visit.  It’s a glorious spring day in Gold Country, with wildflowers coming into bloom, and the first fresh leaves of the year sprouting on the oaks.

And, after having thought about it for five years, I think I’ve come up with a way to get to 34 states next year.  I expect to be attending the next meeting of the National Conference of State Legislators, slated for July 30 in Los Angeles, to make some sort of presentation.  In the mean time, I’ll be discussing it with some people I respect.

I can’t wait for George Soros to hear the news.  He thinks he’s got us beat, and no one will ever get the 34 states needed to propose an amendment.  Soros’ problem is that he’s not an American, and he doesn’t understand the American people.  That’s why he’ll never win.  He doesn’t understand who he’s dealing with.

My mother remembered a song she sang as a child, “Christ is Risen”, and she sang it for her great granddaughters.  She told them to remember her, and her song, on Easter Sundays.

It is a jewel of a day, which I will treasure forever.  Happy Easter from the Pettyjohn family.

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