Going to the mattresses in Montana

Former Rep. Matthew Monforton of Bozeman is a stand up guy and a friend of mine.  He understands the politics of Montana as well as anyone.  He’s on the warpath against the latest scheme of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.  He spells it out in this article in The Resurgent.

This is my most favorite kind of politics:  putting down megalomaniacs like Zinke.  My buddy Bob Clarke, a political hit man from Pennsylvania, and I took out down a Zinke type, former Interior Secretary Wally Hickel.  We took him out in the Republican primaries for Governor of Alaska in 1978 and 1986.  We could have taken him out again in 1990, but our godfather, former Gov. Jay Hammond, called us off.  And we spent virtually no money doing it.

My son and Reagan Project co-founder Brendan lives in Bozeman, and is very interested in politics.  This little project, named for the moment Montana Republicans for Integrity, would be a good introduction to my kind of politics.

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