Get Trump, by any means, at any cost

As a constitutional conservative, I don’t see the President exercising his constitutional authority over the executive branch of government as some sort of “constitutional crisis.”  Poppycock.   If you want a real crisis, look at the abuse of power by the FBI, under the authority of the Justice Department.

The Framers would have been appalled by the establishment of a national police force, which is all the FBI is.  Who do these people think they are?  Guardians of the Guardians?  They have no writ, no warrant for such a role in our system of government.  Law enforcement is a function of the executive, the President, and has no independent source of power, or authority.  Prosecutorial independence is inherently unconstitutional, a figment of some lawyer’s imagination.

There are only three branches of government, and all federal law enforcement power is the ultimate perogative of the elected chief executive.  The Framers would be astonished at the arrogance we see from Comey, et al.  Who the hell does this guy think he is?  If a President abuses this power, the constitutional remedy is impeachment.  The idea that a pack of self important lawyers, like Rubenstein and friends, have some independent role in our system of government is highly offensive.

Trump’s a one term President, and as such he doesn’t have to be concerned with his reelection prospects.  One of the most consequential Presidents in our history, James K. Polk, got the Democratic nomination for President only by promising his rivals that he would only serve one term.  That left him free to do what he thought was in the nation’s best interest, regardless of the politics.  This is the man Trump should model himself after.

I hope Trump fires them all, and replaces them with constitutional conservatives, who know their place in our system of government.  It’s subordinate, just as the Framers intended.

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