Que no haya novedad

May no new thing arise.

As explained by Brad Worthen, it is a traditional benediction spoken on parting in Spanish speaking cultures.  It’s a way of wishing someone well, since all new things are, by definition, evil.  It reflects s deeply traditional culture, one which resists any sort of change.  I only know the phrase from the novels of Patrick O’Brian.  Worthen spent part of his childhood in Ecuador, where the phrase was commonly used.

That’s not our culture, though some of us have tendencies.  The Fix Article V Amendment is a policy innovation, a new thing.  So, of course, it has to be bad, in the minds of some.  Really, it’s just a different way to skin the cat.  But some people don’t like things that are different.  They’re not familiar with new ideas, and they make them uncomfortable.

Of the hundreds of state legislators I’ve encountered over the last five years, only a handful truly appreciated the meaning, and significance, of Article V.  One, in particular, stood out from the rest.  He’s the man I need to talk to.




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