Cal 3 isn’t perfect, but I’m all in

Cal 3 looks to be on the ballot in November, and I’ve already signed on as a volunteer.  I’d love to be one of their spokesmen.  I want to be part of the new South California, along with San Diego and the southern Central Valley.  This should be a Republican state, and I will no longer feel like a political exile.

The people who came up with this map did a fabulous job, but it isn’t perfect.  Mariposa, Tuolumne and Alpine Counties have only 73,000 residents total, so what state we’re in isn’t that important.  Except to us.  We don’t belong in North California, lumped in with the lunatics in the San Francisco Bay area.  Put us in South California, and we’ll be happy.  No one will miss us.  We’re a bunch of NRA rednecks, and they’ll be glad to be rid of us.

I haven’t done anything in local or state politics since we moved here in 2001.  There wasn’t much point.  Now there is.  The locals around here want their own state, to be called the state of Jefferson.  They’ll never get it, but being part of South California would be a big improvement.

We need to organize, push passage of Cal 3, and tell our Tea Party Congressman, Tom McClintock, that when Congress draws the map of the new Californias, we want to be with the South, not the North.

I find this sort of thing very appealing.  It takes all kinds.


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