Calm down, take a deep breath, and listen to counsel

I was so incensed after watching the beginning of the Friday Lou Dobbs show that I had to shut it off.  I wanted Trump to fire Mueller, Rosenstein and their whole gang.  My blood pressure was way up, and my my mind was running over the red line.  I had to take a calm down pill and lay down.

I felt a little calmer this morning and watched the rest of Lou’s show, which featured the lawyer couple of Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing.  They are as outraged as I am, but their advice was sound, unemotional.  Don’t fire anyone, just do your job as President.  Congress can impeach Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray.

This is part of the job of Congress.  They’re pretty much worthless at everything else they’re supposed to be doing.  Maybe they can do one thing right.

Describing the town motto of San Marino reminded me of the motto of a Gold Country town not far from me, San Andreas.  It’s the only such motto I know of which is a disclaimer.

“It’s Not Our Fault.”


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