Old dogs can learn new tricks. It just takes a while.

We’re a little slow on the uptick here at RP.  I tried to figure out Article V for 35 years before I came up with the Mason Amendment, aka the Fix Article V Amendment.

Since I started this blog five years ago, I’ve been trying to get a bigger platform for it.  I’ve submitted articles to American Thinker, but only sporadically.  Some of my stuff was on the website of the Heartland Institute for a while, but it didn’t really work out.

This morning I was informed by editor Thomas Lifson at AT that I should have been submitting blog posts, not articles.  Duh.  When I get a good idea I can send it to AT, confident that if it’s good enough, they’ll post it.  Alexa ranks AT at #37 among conservative websites, which, I believe, means about a million views a month.  Progress, at last.

For years I’ve taped two television programs, Mad Money on CNBC, and Special Report on Fox News.  I’m not really happy with Special Report, and now I’ve found a new show to watch, Lou Dobbs on Fox Business.  I caught Friday’s show featuring Fox legal analyst Greg Jarrett, and I can now forget about Special Report.  Dobbs is far better.

Jarrett is definitely my kind of guy.  We have very similar backgrounds, except I’m ten years older, and wiser.  Greg got in some trouble a few years back, making him even more sympatico.  He got drunk at the airport bar in Minneapolis, and started mouthing off at the cops who came to investigate.  I can see how that could happen to a guy.

Greg hails from San Marino, California, rated the second most boring city in America.  The city motto, “Quis Dan Volo, Dan Accipio”, was taken from the ancient Republic of San Marino, for which it was named.  It means “What she wants, she gets.”  What she wants is a home in San Marino, CA.

If you want to get along in this world, it’s always best to give the lady what she wants.


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