The Fresh Slate Amendment

With Article V, you can let your imagination run wild.  Almost anything’s possible, technically.  Politically, it’s an entirely different matter.  Your idea will need broad and bipartisan support.  That’s the way Article V was set up, and it’s why anything that smacks of partisanship won’t work.

The root problem behind most of our ills is Congress.  The Framers wanted the House of Representatives to reflect the current mood of the country, so we get to elect a new batch every two years.  A lot of good that’s been doing us recently.

In 2006 we threw out the Republicans.  In 2010 we threw out the Democrats.  And in 2018 we’re going to throw out the Republicans again.

What changed?  Not much.  Annual trillion dollar deficits are now a bipartisan tradition.

So I propose a Fresh Slate Amendment, to be passed by the states, using Article V.  Every sitting member of Congress would be thrown out of office, and made ineligible to ever run again.

If that doesn’t have bipartisan support, what does?


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