The power of faith

It’s snowing here in Gold Country.  We’re at 2700 feet elevation, and this is highly unusual at this time of year.  We’ve been here seventeen years, and have never seen anything like it.  How can this be squared with global warning?  It’s settled science after all, and the enlightened put their faith in science.  How can this be explained?

The faith of true believers in environmentalism is like that of medieval Christians.  They have the same certainty.  In 1531 the faith of Christians was tested by the great Lisbon earthquake.  It happened on a Sunday morning, with the faithful gathered in the cathedrals and churches of Portugal, witnessing the celebration of Holy Mass.  30,000 died in the rubble.  How could a just and merciful God visit such a calamity on His worshipers?  It was a mystery.

But the Christians persevered in their faith, and the environmentalists are as certain of theirs as 16th century Christians.  Evidence notwithstanding, keep the faith.

It could snow in July, and they’d still believe.

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