Don’t discount the threat posed by Mueller

The commenters over at American Thinker believe Trump should wait until after the midterm elections to issue pardons.  I think they underestimate the danger that Mueller represents.

Ken Starr was appointed to investigate Whitewater.  He wound up putting Clinton in a perjury trap with Monica Lewinsky.  The powers of any prosecutor, special or not, are so broad they represent a threat to any American they target.  And Donald Trump has led a long and controversial life.  He doesn’t mind breaking rules.  If Mueller keeps digging, he’ll probably find something.

I’m suggesting Trump use of the pardon power to preempt this legal jeopardy that he is in.  I think that’s where Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is coming from. He’s one smart lawyer, and I take his recommendation very seriously.

Trump is in danger.

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