Propose away. Congress will decide.

The new map of three California’s, drawn by Cal 3, is little more than a proposal.  It’s very well done, but it has unnecessary flaws.  The part of Gold Country I live in (consisting of Mariposa, Tuolumne and Alpine Counties) is to be part of North California.  But we don’t want to be in a state dominated by the San Francisco Bay Area.  We’d rather be in South California, with Fresno, Orange and San Diego Counties.

Not to worry.  If this thing goes anywhere, Congress decides on the final map.  Our Congressman should certainly be able to offer this small amendment.  So I’ll be encouraging my fellow locals to vote yes.  Anything is better for us than the present.  Politically, it’s as though we’re nonexistent.

It all sounds rather improbable, but in the Age of Trump, the improbable happens twice before breakfast.

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