A nest of tobacco

People my age develop short term memory loss.  I can remember virtually everything I’ve seen, heard or read for my whole life.  But I’m beginning to lose things.

This morning I went out on the deck to have a pipe, only to discover that my tobacco was missing.  I had left it, in a clear plastic bag, on the deck railing.  No wind had come to blow it away, but I searched the entire back yard, to no avail.  I then went through every room of the house that I’d been in, my car, and all of my clothing.  Not a clue.

I drove down to the convenience store and bought 1.4 ounces of pipe tobacco for $15, plus sales tax.  The legislature of California is concerned for my well being, and has made the cost of my vice excessive.  There’s some money in it for them but I’m sure that’s a secondary consideration.

Back on the deck, contemplating the mystery, a thought occurred to me.  A bird did it!  Some curious bird had poked around my bag and had seen the tobacco inside.  It would be perfect for nest building, and the bird stole my pouch.

I like to think that my loss was someone’s gain, and that some newborn chick will be surrounded by my stolen tobacco.


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