Not a threat, a promise

Darrel Gardner, President, Alaska Bar Association

c/o Federal Defender Agency

601 W. 5th Ave. Suite 800

Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Dear sir,

I have been notified that my license to practice law in Alaska will be suspended for failure to comply with Bar Rule 65(d).  This letter is to advise you that if you proceed with this action I will bring suit against you and the Alaska Bar Association in the United States District Court for violation of my rights under the First and Eighth Amendments of the United States Constitution.

Within the penumbra of the constitutional right to free speech is the right not to be forced to listen.  By requiring me to listen to a three hour lecture on legal ethics from some credentialed legal novice, you are forcing me to listen to legal gibberish from someone who has had very little practical experience.

For refusing to be lectured to on a subject I am quite familiar with, you would take away my ability to make a living and support my family.  The punishment does not fit the offense, and thus violates my right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment guaranteed in the Eighth Amendment.

To avoid litigation, let me suggest we arbitrate this matter.  A lesser penalty, such as performing community service or performing pro bono legal work would be more reasonable.  Alternatively, I could perform an educational function in teaching younger and less experienced lawyers some fundamental aspects of the bill of rights.

Very truly yours,

F. P. Pettyjohn. Member, Alaska Bar, admitted 1974

P. O. Box 100

Standard, California 95373

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