The punishment must fit the crime

In layman’s terms, that’s the part of the Eighth Amendment which protects us from cruel and unusual punishment.  It means we can’t be tortured, and the government can’t seize your car for a parking violation.

I doubt that I’ll get justice from the Alaska Bar Association, or its parent, the Alaska Court System.  So I’m preparing my complaint in a suit to be filed in the federal district court of Alaska.  I’m alleging a violation of my rights under the First and Eighth Amendments.  Give me enough time, and I’ll add a count for violation of my right to due process.  In law, it helps to have a vivid imagination.

My punishment is being deprived of my means of making a living, which I have used to support my family for 44 years.  My crime is my refusal to listen to three hours of idle talk about legal ethics.  Does that sound proportionate to you?

Maybe I should be required to do some pro bono legal work, or do some community service.  Like going into Sonora High and explaining the bill of rights to the young skulls full of mush that I’ll find there.

When a man goes to law, he has a wolf by the ear.  You have to know what you’re doing.  I’ve made a nice living practicing law, and I think I do understand precisely what I’m doing.

Everybody’s got a different tool kit.  I’m strong on imagination, and weak on discipline, judgement and a work ethic.  One thing can help make up for others.


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