Thank you Lord, Dr. Wagner and nurse Babbie

The human body is resilient, the medical profession is amazing, and my wife is a saint.  It looks like I’m over the hump with my broken ribs.  I’ve been able to cut my dosage of Percocet in half, because the pain has come down.  It’s a powerful painkiller, and must be used with care.

My treating physician has been Dr. David Wagner, an emergency room doctor at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz.  I asked him if he was a California boy, and he said, no,  he was an Air Force brat.

He was making a good living as a merger and acquisitions lawyer, but realized he was wasting his life, so he went to medical school and became a physician.  I’m sure he took quite a pay cut.  But he knows both the world and he are better off because of it.

Today I hope to see my family doctor, Robert Reina of the Sonora Indian Health Clinic.  I’m sure he could also make more money doing something else.  But he would rather do good than do well.

Dr. Reina is a tall, dark man, and I asked him if his family was from India.  He laughed and said no, they came from Cuba.  Castro drove them from the island, to its loss, and our gain.

There are people like Dr. Wagner and Dr. Reina all over the country, and all over the world.  We should all be thankful for them.



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