The priesthood called the Deep State

How is it that otherwise solid conservatives like Rep. Trey Gowdy and AG Jeff Sessions are not offended by Rosenstein, Mueller and their ilk?

The formative years of both Gowdy and Sessions were in the U. S. Attorneys Office in the Department of Justice.  Both worked closely with the FBI, and were dedicated law enforcement professionals.  This priesthood was  their first loyalty and it’s blinded them to the abuses now taking place.

I knew men like this in the U. S. Attorneys Office in Alaska.  They think they have some kind of higher calling, even a higher loyalty, as James Comey puts it.  They think they’re special, but they’re not.

Speaking of Comey, he’s cartooned on the cover of The Week, by, I believe, the great Michael Ramirez.  I asked my wife what she thought of him, and she asked me if he was the guy who wrote the book.  She doesn’t care about Comey or this whole Russia/email business, and wishes it would all just go away.

Sorry, James Comey, you’re not making your case.

[correction: the cartoonist on the cover of the current The Week is not Ramirez, but Howard McWilliam]

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