What’s up with Mark Levin?

There’s always been something a little “off” about author and talk show host Mark Levin.  He wrote “The Liberty Amendments”, which promote Article V, but he’s never lifted a finger to help the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force.  This is the group which has for years been pushing the BBA, the only serious Article V political effort in the country.  Instead he supports Mark Meckler, a political huckster pushing the hopeless “Convention of States” approach.

I’d listen to his show occasionally, because I think he’s better informed than people like Limbaugh and Hannity.  But he’s perpetually pissed off, and it soon gets old.  So what gives with this guy?

Mark Steyn explains it all in this revealing, and damning, article.  Steyn is flat out brilliant, and I hope he talks about all this on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight.  All conservative activists should tune in.

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