Getting things in order

I have long been a pupil of the greatest historian of civilization, Will Durant.  When I find myself disagreeing with him, I’m always wrong.  He’s one of my personal heroes, as well as my teacher.

Durant ranks Confucius at the very top of the roster of human genius.

In the sixth century B. C., Confucius undertook to restore order and health to China.  How could this be done?

Confucius says,  “The illustrious ancients, when they wished to make clear and to propagate the highest virtues in the world, put their states in proper order.  Before putting their states in proper order, they regulated their families.  Before regulating their families, they cultivated their own selves.”   And so on.

I am in the process of attempting to regulate my family, and cultivating myself.  If I can succeed, I can move on to trying to put my state in proper order.  Only then will I be ready to campaign to fix Article V.

If and when that moment does arrive, I will ask for help.

I pray to God it happens soon.

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