The observations of an old YR friend

The following is from my Young Republican buddy from St. Mary’s College, Tim Kelly


That is a dynamite headline sure to ruin the day for all the millions of Trump hating folks. Bet’ya it put them off their breakfast, lunch and even dinner.  Visions of The Donald in white tie and tails getting the medal from the King of Norway, especially if it’s a twofer with Nork Dictator Fat Kid Kim getting one too.   Quite an odd couple, but why not?  If they end the Korean War and make that part of Asia a safer more predictable place, it sure beats newly sworn in President Obama getting it for just being his truly awesome Messiah like self.

Sure Trump & Kim is loopy, but then who’d thought we’d get the other odd couple of Presidents Trump & Macrom?  That’s better than the less than enthusiastic buddy act of Obama and then French President Sarkozy.   The day before Obama arrived in Paris for his first State Visit, Sarkozy told the French press that he had just revived word that Obama would fly to Paris from London on Air Force One not walk across the English Channel from Dover to Calais as originally proposed.

This was of course not the first time a charismatic American President caught a snarky jab from a French leader.  In 1919 French Premier Clemenceau said <<M. Wilson m’ennuie avec ses quatorze points; pourquoi, Dieu Tout-Puissant n’a que dix!>. (“Mr. Wilson bores me with his Fourteen Points; why, God Almighty has only Ten!”)

Israel drops a YUGE collection 

of Iranian secrets yesterday.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu dropped a vast collection of Iranian documents detailing their secret Atomic Bomb schemes and project in a press conference yesterday.  And didn’t he look like the cat that ate the canary.  Of course people like former Secretary of State Condi Rice were not surprised at this flagrant example of the Mullahs and their Islamic Guard henchmen double talking and lying to the world.  The Obama Amen Corner was unusually quiet, although the stoutest Obama loyalists tut tut tutted that it couldn’t possibly be true.  They despise Netanyahu as a Zionist thug and don’t believe anything that tarnishes the halo of their beloved former President.  Bibi didn’t exactly adore Barry either as we know.  I  know Bibi is one of the favorite villains for Progressives but he has always struck me as an ordinary appearing Studio Production Accountant from Warner Bros treating his grand kids to hot dogs at Carney’s in Studio City on a Sunday afternoon.

On another front, Sunday the Israeli Air Force

Blew up a major Iranian HQ & Arsenal in Syria

If you check the video of the explosion near Hama you can see that when the Iranian base was hit by a deep penetration bomb a vast secondary explosion went off with a fire ball full of the hidden stock of missiles the Iranians we planning to lobe over the border into Israel. Israel didn’t claim credit for it, but they didn’t exactly say they didn’t hit the Iranians and their Hezbollah minions.  Following Israeli practice they took care not kill actually Syrian forces of civilians.  They even hinted that maybe it was their pals in Saudi Arabia who did the deed since the Saudi Kingdom is in a bitter proxy war with Iran and their various Shi’a allies.

Don’t you love the War of the Roses way thing go in the Middle East.  Alliances are always slippery and you can’t tell the players without a current program.


Kanye West  trashed for

Becoming Trumps newest BFF

The huge uproar following rapper Kanye West’s becoming Trump’s newest pal was predictable.  He is trashed by all the usual voices in the bitterest tone.  But maybe we should have seen it coming.  Kanye is a big time entrepreneur besides a rapper who is flamboyant and aggressive in his business interests as Trump.   On the Daily Show Trevor Noah of all the commenters seems to have understood what is happening.  The South African born comedian tells us that rather than some sinister reason maybe Kanye West realized how very rich he is and understood he had to become a Republican. Noah understands that desire to lower taxes is the touch stone of Republicans politics and it is irresistable for entrepreneurs who operate in the open market.  This morning we hear that Kanye is tweeting quotes from Thomas Sowell, the leading Black conservative intellectual. So maybe it isn’t just his fellow entrepreneur Trump but something more on Kanye’s mind.  We also heard this morning that another rapper tweeted that the Crips should deal with Kanye for his breaking away on his own path.  The tweet went viral and was taken down.  Twitter gets antsy when people advocate violence.


SNL comic gets nasty in DC

Trump throws raw meat to fans in Michigan

Saturday night the White House Correspondents dinner was highlighted by a savage attack on Trump and all his people by some broad I never heard of who thinks she is a comedienne

But she sure didn’t seem funny.  She bombed and even bone fide liberal media worthies were turned off by her crude unfunny screed.  Indeed many liberal reporters and media figures denounced her tasteless rant.

Meanwhile in Washington Michigan President Trump told an arena full of his avid supporters (mainly deplorable blue collar peasants and pick up truck owner) that he was glad be with them out in Fly Over country.  He tossed them big hunks of raw meat and they roared their approval.  Trump loved it most when the fans began chanting NOBEL! NOBEL! NOBEL!  Talk about a country divided into bitter rival factions.


Canada suddenly calls on US to enforce Immigration laws

And keep unwanted asylum seekers south of the border

We know movie star handsome and ever so cool Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has often dismissed US Immigration laws as inhumane, racist, mean and nasty.  He also touted Canada’s immigration policies as the light unto the nations and ever so good and generous.  But that was then, now he and his Government is calling on the USA to keep all the unwanted asylum seekers and economic undocumented immigrants on our side of the border.  Tens of thousands of unwanted people have walked into Canada and overwhelmed their immigration system and they have had enough.  The want ICE to keep these people out of Canada.  The irony here is that Canada has the rigorous sort of immigration laws Trump says he wants the USA to enact.  And I am not making any of this up.

Items you should read:


A very Seattle lament.

A long time Seattle resident laments the deterioration of the quality of life in the misty grey but economically flush city on the Puget Sound.  He’s had enough of ultra Blue Progressive policies and is moving to a sane suburb. The article from the Seattle Times is heartfelt and shows the man’s disillusionment.   Be sure to read the comments following it for posts backing up the writers complains and savage criticism of his unacceptable views by Blue meanies.



Wither the millennials?

Writing from Australia Richard Fernandez writes about American millennials now following the path of their European counterparts and not following the path the media assigns to them.  Like most people when they are mugged by reality, the young are rebelling against the role assigned to them by the Blue elites.  And the Blue elites refuse to see why more and more are rejecting them.




Frisco had enough homeless?  

Temp Mayor cleans up streets.

San Francisco’s acting Mayor calls for a major program to clean up the cities streets and suppress homeless encampments and take over of downtown streets and public facilities like BART/MUNI Stations.  We all know what he is reaction to and attempting to remedy, we see it every day, smell it and are frightened by it.  It is heartening that he is taking real action to give the streets back to the public, but the whole homeless industry and their politically correct fans trash him.


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