Sound and fury, signifying nothing

There are 435 elections in November for seats in the House of Representatives.  You can spend a good part of each day reading about them, individually or en masse.  Control of the House hangs in the balance.  The chattering class is breathless in anticipation.

But regardless of who wins, the major spending decisions will still be made by the Big Five, just as it’s done in California.  And just as it was done in March, with passage of the $1.3 trillion “omni.”

The House and Senate Majority and Minority leaders will hammer out a deal with President Trump.  The other 531 members of Congress will be spectators, just like the rest of us.  It doesn’t matter a whole lot which party controls the House.  The Speaker will have more say than the House Minority Leader, it’s true, but they’ll both have a seat at the table.  To the greatest extent possible, decisions on major and divisive issues will be kicked down the road.

So when someone tries to interest you in these elections, the proper response is “What difference will they make?”

The Swamp’s power in Washington has reached the point where few elections really matter.  Regardless of the will of the voters, the same gang remains in control.

Gee, I wonder if the Framers of the Constitution foresaw such a situation, and made provision for it?  Let’s look at the Constitution.  Maybe there’s something in there that was designed to deal with a broken Congress.

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