The Heartland Institute. What is it good for?

Keely Drukula attended the 2017 Convention of States for her employer, the Heartland Institute.  We got along well, and when I went out to bait the synthetic turf protesters I brought her along as a witness.   I hoped to provoke some sort of confrontation with these rent-a-demonstrators, but failed.

They were giving well rehearsed speeches, and I could tell their hearts weren’t in it.  When a speaker claimed that all the commissioners to the Convention had their travel expenses paid for, I interrupted, and said I was a commissioner, and I had paid my own way.  I was asked to please not interrupt their protest, and agreed.

Keely told me her father was an immigrant from communist Poland, so I could easily figure out where she was coming from.  People like her dad have the zeal of converts.  They’re more American than most native born.

Among her duties is the production of the Heartland Daily Podcast.  I’ll be asking her to feature a dialogue between myself and Dave Guldenschuh on the Mason Amendment.

I’m hoping Heartland President and CEO Tim Huelskamp will listen.  He served three terms in the House from Kansas, and chaired the Tea Party Caucus.  In 2016 he was successfully primaried by a Swamp Republican.

The way it looks to me, Heartland needs a mission, and the Mason Amendment would be right up their alley.  As the President likes to say, “We’ll see.”

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