News that’s so fake it’s funny

CNN is featuring a column by renowned attorney Peter Zeidenberg (Z), and I should have known better, but I read it.   Since I broke some ribs a couple weeks ago, I try not to laugh, because it hurts.  When I finished reading this piece, I was practically rolling on the floor,  it was so funny.

Z lists his credentials in his byline, and they’re impressive.  He spent 17 years as a prosecutor at the Justice Department, and was Deputy Special Counsel in the persecution of poor old Scooter Libby, who was recently pardoned by President Trump.  He’s now a criminal lawyer, specializing in the defense of white collar crime.  I’m guessing, but I’ll bet he bills at $500 an hour.

Since he’s a lawyer, who passed the bar exam, Z’s IQ is almost  certainly above 100.  But you’d never know that from reading his essay.  This man lacks any understanding of the first sentence in Section 1 of Article II of the Constitution.  I’m sure he’s read it a couple times, but it was obviously over his head.

What he doesn’t mention in his byline is that he was lead trial counsel in United States vs. Safavian.  He obtained a conviction, but the U. S. Court of Appeals repudiated his tactics and reversed it.

I doubt Z was born this stupid.  It took three years of law school, and 17 years in the Justice Department, to reach the depths of ignorance he displays.


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