Trump and his hubris

The macho men of Manhattan don’t seek forgiveness for their sins.  In this peculiar subculture, it’s taken as a sign of weakness.  Donald Trump is a macho, macho man, and this bothers people like my friend former MT Rep. Matthew Monforton.  He thinks any such man, and the country he leads, will be punished for such arrogance.  And, indeed, the ancient Greeks believed excessive pride or defiance of the gods led to nemesis.

I tend to judge a man by his enemies, and by that standard Trump is a super star. The catalogue of his sin is an open book.  He doesn’t pretend to be anyone’s moral exemplar.  He wants the American people to love him, warts and all.  A lot of them do.  I won’t criticize them for it.

He’s a political genius who is also an American patriot.  I’ll settle for that, with all his warts.

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