The missing piece of the puzzle

It came to me last night, on my daily nature walk.  We’re going to fix Article V, and pass the Mason Amendment.  I can see it clearly now.

The nice thing about it is its elegance.  An elegant solution is one in which the optimal outcome is achieved with the minimal expenditure of effort and expense.

I don’t need to form an organization or raise any money.  I don’t need to get any publicity.  I don’t need to convince anyone who isn’t already convinced.  I just need to channel and harness energy which is already in existence.

That energy exists because of the years of effort by hundreds of people, starting with State Senator Jim Clark of Maryland in 1975.  He started the campaign to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment using Article V.   That campaign happened to peak in 1983 when Alaska became the 32nd state to pass a BBA Resolution.

That’s when the opposition organized, led by national figures in the Democratic Party, beginning with House Speaker Tip O’Neill.  They allied themselves with the paranoid right, led by Phyllis Schlafly.  A full half of those 32 BBA Resolutions were rescinded.

The BBA Task Force launched its counter offensive some seven or eight years ago, and its work laid the groundwork for the final solution.  All that work, and the sacrifices made by Bill Fruth, Dave and Suzie Biddulph, Loren Enns, David Guldenschuh, and many others are going to pay off.

I’ll need to make my case to a select group of state legislators after the November elections.  I have a lot of time to set it all up.

I feel like Newton when he saw the apple fall from the tree.  It was all in plain sight, if you just looked, and thought, hard enough.


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