Not a massacre, a housecleaning

When the guilty clean house, it’s a massacre.  Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre may merit the name, but only because Nixon was guilty, and he was covering it up.

Trump is not guilty, and he’s not covering anything up.  He can order the AG to put an end to the Mueller conspiracy, and if he refuses he can fire him.  Then he can order Deputy AG Rosenstein to end it, and fire him if he won’t.  At some point he’ll get the kind of person Nixon got (Robert Bork) who understands that the Department of Justice answers to the President, and is subordinate to him.  And that person will put an end to the Mueller conspiracy.

The media will go nuts, and call it a constitutional crisis.  In fact, Trump would be putting an end to a constitutional crisis  — the  slow motion coup d’etat being perpetrated by the Deep State.

Timing is critical, and President Trump isn’t quite ready to pull the trigger.  This drives people like Lou Dobbs nuts.  Trump may not be a constitutional scholar, but he understands power.  And he understands that the power of the Presidency is adequate to deal with whatever the Mueller conspiracy does between now and the time Trump ends it.  With the pardon power, he can make Mueller, and anything Mueller may do, irrelevant.

So the President is gathering credits, allies, and supporters.  The economy continues to improve, month by month.  And there’s a decent chance he may get the Nobel Prize for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  That explains the ZTE flip flop.  He’ll do everything he can to get that deal.  It’s got to be a good deal, but he’d dearly love to get it.

Because after he makes that deal,  he’s free to clean house at Justice.  He’d never be in a stronger position.  It will be the time to strike.


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