What Trump sees in Kim jong-un

The art of the deal depends on who you’re dealing with.  It’s the most important part of any negotiation.  So as President Trump prepares to make a deal with North Korea, he must first understand its leader.

He was born in 1982, or shortly thereafter, and as a teenager went to school in Switzerland.  He was friendly but shy, and not much of a student.  But he loved basketball, as a player and a Michael Jordan fan.

At the age of 29 he became the Supreme Leader of North Korea, a job he’s had for seven years now.  His older half-brother had been out of favor ever since he used a fake passport in 2001, trying to enter Japan in order to see Tokyo Disneyland.

When Trump looks at Kim jong-un he doesn’t see a happy camper.  He sees somebody who wants an out.  The man is a prisoner in his own country.  And Trump thinks he can see a little fear.  This guy lives a precarious existence.  He has no choice but to be a total paranoid, uncertain of who he can really trust.

Trump has offered him protection.  He won’t wind up like Ghadaffi.  That’s Trump’s promise, and if he thinks Trump can and will deliver, he’ll make the deal.

And Trump gets his Nobel Prize.  Because he read his man.

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