Cry, the beloved country

A video of Kim Jung Un shedding tears over the backward state of North Korea’s economy is supposedly being circulated within the communist leadership.  If true, it means he’s ready to cut a deal with Trump, and eventually give up his nukes.  To me, at least, this passes the smell test.  So I think Trump gets his Peace Prize, and uses the momentum to put all his enemies on the run.

In my opinion, Kim Jung Un would only make this deal with one man.  He wouldn’t make it with a Bush, or a Clinton, or an Obama.  He didn’t trust them.  They were phonies.

He trusts Trump, because he thinks he knows Trump.  He understands Donald Trump, and believes him.

He’s right, of course.  Trump will protect Kim, as he’s promised, and a denuclearized North Korea will experience an economic boom like few others have seen.  Koreans are very industrious people.

Trump can use the momentum from this foreign policy triumph to accomplish an even more important geopolitical goal:  overthrow the ayatollahs, and abet an Iranian Revolution.

All leading up to the Monster of Elections: 2020.

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