From the Santelli rant to Singapore

When CNBC’s Rick Santelli ignited the modern Tea Party on 2-19-09, a new political movement was born.  It prided itself on its spontaneity, and its collective nature.  The Tea Party didn’t have leaders, and it didn’t want leaders.  It was sort of anti-politician.

It was a reaction to the “fundamental transformation of America” that the new President, globalist extraordinaire Barack Obama, had embarked on.  It formed in reaction to him.  It was an opposition, or a resistance, to his program.

In part because it was hobbled by Obama’s IRS, the Tea Party faltered after its  great victories of 2010, and Obama squeaked by to reelection in 2012.  The Tea Party had failed, and died.

And then, in October of 2013, it was born again.  Obamacare was put into effect, and it was a total and unmitigated disaster.  Obama’s and the Democrat’s lies were exposed, and they were brazen, inexcusable.  The Democrats would be punished for it in 2014 by the loss of the Senate.

The opposition, or resistance, which reformed after October of 2013 still lacked a leader.  The Republican nominee for President would assume leadership of the resistance, and 2016 promised to be a banner year for Republicans regardless of who that person was.

The stars were aligned for whichever candidate prevailed.  Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate with no message, no program.  Anybody could beat Clinton.

And then along came Trump, the leader the Tea Party never had.  He took control of the Tea Party, and used it to take control of the Republican Party.  Nothing of the kind had ever been done before.  Trump was a unique political phenomenon.

He personifies what the Tea Party is all about.  He’s not a politician.  He’s utterly fearless.  And he’s brilliant.

He’s doing what any patriotic American would do if he were President.  He’s standing up for his country, and its people.  He’s freeing the country from the federal government.  His judges will soon begin restoring the rule of law.

Donald Trump had the wit to see that his moment had come, and the courage to seize it.  And now he’s off to Singapore to make peace.



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