A storm brews in Iran

The world is in flux, as it adjusts to American unilateralism.  Finally, at long last, the artificial Cold War bifurcation of the world is eroding.  When the United States acts in its own self interest, every nation in the world needs to recalibrate its position.

Iran is set to be the big loser.  Actually, that’s not right.  The people of Iran are set to be the big winners, when the lunatic mullahs are finally removed from power.

Russia is the country to keep our eye on, with respect to Iran.  It borders Iran, and has suffered from Islamic terrorism.  And Putin is not anti-semitic.  There are millions of ethnically Russian Jews in Israel, and Putin has a bond with them.  He doesn’t want to see Israel destroyed.

So Israel and Russia cooperate.  And Saudi Arabia and Russia cooperate.  And Israel and Saudi Arabia cooperate.  There’s no room at this table for Iran.  Plus, the new leader of Iraq, though a Shiite, wants distance from Tehran.  Iran is being isolated.  As European firms leave Iran, under the threat of American sanctions, the isolation will increase.

Zalmay Khalilzad was the U. S. Ambassador to the U. N. from 2007 to 2009.  He writes that Iran is going to have to sit down to negotiate with Trump in the near future.  I think he’s right.  Trump is coming out of Singapore on a roll.  The mullahs are on the ropes.

First denuclearize the Korean peninsula, then abet an Iranian revolution, then reach a global entente with Russia.

That’s worth three Nobel Peace Prizes.

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