An era for Article V

Second terms are cursed.  But Presidents seem drawn to them.  Everybody wants the validation of reelection.  But it’s not really necessary.

The Presidential election of 2020 will be a referendum on Trump, even if he has chosen not to run.  The Republican will be an ally and a proxy for the President.

Whoever it is, they’ll be dealing with a dysfunctional Congress.  It’s beyond the point where it can be reformed from within.  What we’re seeing today in Congress is what we’re going to continue to see, as far as you can look.  A broken and thoroughly corrupt institution.

There’s only one method provided by the Constitution to reform Congress:  Article V.  Let’s hope whoever takes over from Trump is aware of it.

If there is to be a new political epoch in America, it should include Article V.  The previous epoch, which ran from 1932 to 2016, was about centralization and globalization.   The new era will be one of disaggregation and nationalism.

In order to disaggregate the federal government, you need Article V.  I hope I live to see it.

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