83 years of judicial liberalism bites the dust

We’re going to have a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for the first time since 1935.  For half that time, since 1974, I’ve been a lawyer myself.  I feel like busting out a few verses of “Glory, glory, hallelujah.”  It’s been a long time coming.

I believe the liberals on the Supreme Court are responsible for electing Donald Trump as President.  The whole gay marriage thing was just the latest example of the Court’s impudence.  A lot of people feel just as strongly about an out of control Court and its attacks on the Constitution as I do.  Enough of them held their noses and voted for Trump to give him a win.  And in 2016, at long last, the judicial imperialists paid a political price for their disdain of the limits on their power in the Constitution.

If the Constitution simply means whatever five Supreme Court Justices say it means, it doesn’t mean anything at all, and the foundation of this country is destroyed.  For  hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of voters, their commitment to the Constitution gave Trump their votes.

These same people will vote Republican in November, as they realize their political calculation was correct.  Trump came through with Gorsuch, and he will again.  That’s  worth their vote, and the R’s will expand their majority in the Senate.  Just as Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada said they would.

On May 27, 1935, “Black Monday”, a conservative majority on the Court handed the Roosevelt administration three stinging defeats.  FDR was outraged, and decided to try to pack the Court.  The Senate refused to go along, but the Justices got the message.  There was no longer a conservative majority.  Some wilted, some retired, but the Court backed down.  Roosevelt would get his way on the Court for the rest of his Presidency.

So it’s been 83 years  since we had the Court.  Kennedy was a switch hitter, so there was never a reliable fifth vote.  Now there will be.

The big protests from the left will be about the threat to Roe v. Wade, but there’s another area of the law that’s even more significant.  That’s the part of the Constitution that guarantees the equal protection of the law, regardless of race or color.

To me, this is the foundation of the law of this country.  All men are created equal, and are equal before the law.

Affirmative action is racial discrimination.  Whites and minorities are treated differently based on their race.  That’s unconstitutional, and that’s the most important task for the new conservative majority on the Court.

Trump is hitting the trifecta.  He’s got his North Korea deal in the works, with all signs go.  He’s got the Supreme Court nomination he wanted.  And he’s going to sit down and have a heart to heart with Putin.

This is going to score him points, politically.  The D’s have so overplayed their hand on Russia that they’ve lost all credibility.  This boy has cried wolf too often.  Nobody cares about the Russians.

Except they have the second largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world, and are the only country that represents an existential threat to us.  We want to get along with these people.  Trump wants to reduce nuclear weapons.  He’ll make the effort, and be rewarded for it politically.

Peace  —  with the Norks, and with the Russians.  Prosperity  — 4% growth.

When is the last time the American people voted against peace and prosperity?



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